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The Tale Of The Disembodied Penis
Wednesday, June 30, 2004
It's not even been a week since I got laid. Everybody says, oh it will be so good for you, Deanna, with the "introspection" and the "getting to know yourself" and all that other boring shit and I think . . . where the fuck's the dick?

Juicy blowjobs. Tongue caressing the niches and length of engorged flesh. Taking it past the point I can handle, groaning and choking, licking and lapping.

Lucid erotic dreams creep from my subconcious. It's not yet time when my burgeoning sex drive awakens and demands sustenance or threatens insanity. But it's almost there, lying await in the shadows, when I can spare a thought or during those times where I am not quite awake and not quite sleeping. Penises, in all their magnificent glory, bloom into my imagination. Thick and hard, ready and waiting in my mind.

One says to me in its quivering, precum way, "You know you want to suck me. I won't tell. This will be our little secret."

I shake my head. I feel like the newly-made homeless, hungry but not willing to eat out of the trash just yet. I cling to my last ideals, the thought of a better, happier relationship and the promise of something longer than a one-night stand. "No," I state with impunity.

"But are you sure?" It sashays closer to me, as well as a disembodied penis can sashay.

"Quite," I manage to get out through locked jaw.

"But I am so warm and so soft and you would enjoy me with those gorgeous lips of yours. You have said yourself, it has been too long." Coming closer to my face, it pressed the flesh of my cheek onto my molars. Warm precum cooled by my mouth and I took a tentative lick.

"Do you not see? You cannot refuse me!" it roared.

I covered my face with my hands, shouting "No!" over and over until I opened my eyes and saw that it was gone, realizing it had all been just a dream. I look at my vibrators, one perched on a stereo speaker and the curved purple one on the side of my bed, both silent and innocent looking.

Saliva stuck at the corner of my mouth; I wiped it away with the back of my sleeve.

I lay back down, relaxed once again and drifted off to sleep. But before I did, I barely heard the ghost of my orgasm and the disembodied penis chuckling together.

"It will not be long," I heard one say to the other. "No, it will not. She is weak and we shall always prevail."

Posted at 06:07 pm by Deanna.

August 31, 2006   11:51 PM PDT
Oh such an easy fix to this problem, if only.......
March 30, 2006   06:27 AM PST
I've got AID's...

and I'll spread it into every good boy and girl today...
July 1, 2004   02:18 PM PDT
Well, that was certainly an interesting dream. Penises ALWAYS prevail! Bwahahaha!!!

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