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"Graze On My Lips; And If Those Hills Be Dry, Stray Lower, Where The Pleasant Fountains Lie." William Shakespeare.
Sunday, June 27, 2004
Do you ever fantasize about your best friend?
God, no. Most of my good friends are female and have fixed roles in my life. I get to know my friends so well, it's hard to think of a relationship of any kind other than friendship with them. Ok. Once (once!) I made my best friend go down on me. But I wasn't fantasizing, more like ordering.

Have you ever seduced someone by confessing that you had a fantasy about him/her?
Somewhat. I dreamed that I had my ex-boyfriend's baby and we just kind of hit it off after that. Stupid boy. Even when I have wet dreams, which are rare, they don't involve sex but rather are sexually charged. In the rare moments that I do have sex with someone in a dream, I tend to fuck it up. I had a very emotional and loving dream about Ben, but my subconcious drew up the image of my cousin, who is also a Marine. As I'm sure you can empathize, the feelings were nice but I wasn't happy that they were directed to somebody I loved that was in the body of a family member. But I don't have fantasies about real people anyway. My imagination lacks because I would rather experience the real thing and I need constant visuals to conjure you up (so please send full body pictures of front and back with a self addressed stamped envelope to . . .).

Does your present relationship prevent you from doing what you really want to do sexually?
No relationship currently, but I am waiting for the right person or opportunity. Thinking of, my ex-boyfriend said double penetration would be something he would not do with someone he would have a future with (meaning me) . . . and with the right wingman . . . To be honest, I don't know what I'd want. A lot of what I desire is influenced by my partner. My ex-boyfriend was very big into facials and anal. After three years, I am very big into facials and anal. With the next guy, who knows? Perhaps I will be really into bondage and domination. All I ask is as many dicks as that can fit.

Are you ashamed of your fantasies?
Yes. My masturbatory fantasies aren't hardcore or deviant . . . just different. I'm even ashamed to say what it is that goes on in my head while I'm pleasuring myself. Ok, whatever you're thinking, it isn't that bad. When I masturbate, there are different scenarios that I like to recall. Sometimes I like to imagine various sex acts being performed around me while I'm being "serviced" and I get to gape in my mind's eye of the different and utterly arousing things I conjure. A long-standing favorite of mine . . . fine, I will spill . . . is giving into the hospitality of some nice but hot women. Something happens, there's a storm, or the car broke down, whatever, but the point is I am accepted into this women's house out of kindness. I fall asleep, utterly exhausted, and sleep happily and warmly until I'm woken up with a probing tongue on my clit. (I actually do think these things through, in this order; all this ground layout is my own personal "foreplay") I'm not terribly alarmed and I wake up groggily, and find out that a pleasant dream is really a foreign reality and surprise! my limbs are tied so that I am spread-eagled and vulnerable. I don't beg, I don't talk, I just watch as my hostess continues to eat me out lavishly. She stops and slowly rises to her knees to reveal a very nice strap-on . . . anyway, I'm sure you can imagine the rest because soon after imagined penetration, it becomes too much and I orgasm. Also I get extremely turned on by homosexuality.

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy in which you were raping/being raped by someone?
No, not really. I like coercion and I can do a little play, but rape, real unwanted attentions make me nervous. I can't watch porn where the women are crying and being fucked by a man. And I absolutely hate the series Bang Bus. I know it's not real, but I feel indignant all the same. I feel more that I can do the things that I can't watch because I know the truth.

Would you have sex (using a condom) with a reasonably attractive stranger for one million dollars tomorrow evening?
Most definitely. I know I can be bought and if it's a reasonably attractive stranger, you wouldn't have to twist my arm. I have the privilage of not having loose morals, but honest morals. I can say what I want to make myself look good or to give the appearance of what people would expect of a "nice girl," but if I was put in that situation, I would probably fuck the guy. I don't like illusions and lying to yourself is the worst illusion. And you can't call me a hypocrite if I tell you I would and then I do.

In your masturbatory fantasies, are you giving or recieving?
Mostly I recieve because those are the sensations I am feeling. If I'm masturbating to a certain fantasy, my actions must match what I am imagining. If there's a vibrator on my clit, someone's going down on me. If there's a dildo up my pussy, someone's fucking me. A butt plug, the same. But you will never find me alone and in bed with a jelly dong in my mouth. On occasion, I do think about giving and that does arouse me also.

Do you think it is OK for your mate to fantasize about somebody else while he makes love to you?
Absolutely not. You should live in the now especially if it is having having sex. That's tantamount to cheating. If you can't possibly live with fucking the person beneath you/above you without fantasizing about someone else, then you shouldn't be with that person because you are shorting them of intimate moments and thoughts that bind lovers to each other. I wouldn't do it to you, so I would respect that you don't do it to me.

Would it bother you if your partner had sexual fantasies about another woman?
No. Porn is everywhere. I understand the basic physical impulses about men. If it was ongoing, I might have a problem, because that's somewhat of an obsession. But if my partner hasn't seen me in some time and just wanted to jerk it, I don't force him to be inspired by me. I would like it, but I'm not tyrannical like that. If he sees some hot ass, I wouldn't slight him because I'd probably think of the same thing.

Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your best friend's partner?
I have something called extreme tunnel vision. I didn't have crushes in elementary/high school and my eye doesn't wander off on it's own. Besides, I wouldn't touch some of my best friend's partner if he was reasonably attractive and I was offered a million dollars to do him tomorrow evening. Just kidding. I would, but I wouldn't fantasize at all about my best friend's partner.

If your partner asked you to have sex with someone else while he watched, would you?
Yes. It does matter on appearances, relationships, and maturity. I would be happy to do it because it shows a level of complete trust and well-being in the relationship. I also wouldn't pass up the chance to make two men happy.

Posted at 11:24 pm by Deanna.

July 12, 2004   12:56 AM PDT
your sex quiz seems to be running round a lot of blogs
June 28, 2004   08:13 AM PDT
Nice, nice, very nice....

I've always like the questionaires. They're so informative, and SO much fun.

Do more! Your lord and master commands it!

PS: thanks for this update. Now do more!

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