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Porn!!!! . . . at Seven in the Morning
Thursday, January 08, 2004

What possesses me to look at porn at seven in the morning?  I guess my inner perve woke up early.

Anyway, they're just pictures, so what's the harm?

Ever since Ben, I've gotten this secret thing for guys in uniforms.  Shhh!  Don't tell, but it gets me hot.  Like really hot.  Except all the military/uniform porn I've come across has been mostly gay.  Which is kind of a turn off.  Not that I don't love gay porn, but I'd rather not look at guys in military uniform spreading their cheeks for the camera.  Or giving that scintillating, yet not quite sexy ass pose.  Yeah, not cute.

Right now I'm looking through . . . nothing too hardcore for this girl early in the morning.  It's got an interesting array of pornography.  Including the site where I swear to god this guy looks like John Ritter at first.  Which is unnerving to say the least; John Ritter, giving me a sexy look?  And then they have some guys wearing pantyhose . . . yeah, good for you, fella.  And the hilarious porn site "Nice body, shame about the face."  Which is true, to some extent, but I'd fuck 'em.  Sometimes you gotta look past the ass face to the very nice equipment (and really, these guys aren't ugly, just a little plain; god knows I've fucked and loved worse).  And then there is your thoughtful site, giving props to the guy next door.

Another thing I don't like.  I really don't like pictures of all those "hard-bodied" or "muscle bound" men.  It looks a little uncomfortable to be sustaining a hard on and all those ab muscles.  The most I like guys to be muscular is to be defined, like you're working on it, but you don't have all the time in the world to be really working on it.  Like a swimmer's build.  I'm really kind of an
average girl, nothing too schnazzy or too dumpy.  Also, don't really care for very hairy guys, oftentimes called bears.  No, not working for me.

And for those guys and hot lesbians out there, I haven't forgotten you.  The female form is a lot more pleasing to my eye, all the curves, the bounties, the beauty.  Too bad I am addicted to the cock, eh?  But really.  I think this
photo here is absolutely beautiful.  Great composition.  And the pose on this girl has one hot ass.  And this girl is cute, cute, cute!  Too bad I don't have that clip my ex downloaded of a "sorority" where some of the hazing includes being fucked by a big red jelly dong.  Which the girl freakin' loved and got me so hot for no apparent reason at all.  Oh, except for the fact that sex should be incorporated in every component of my life, including but not limited to, college.  God, I can't get enough of that toy action, especially if it's strapped on.  This asian girl is not bad.  Yum.

Well, time to finish my chai, folks, and get ready for work.  Hopefully I can do another one of these "Porn!!!! . . . at Seven in the Morning" entries with you.  It was rather fun.

Posted at 08:26 am by Deanna.

January 8, 2004   10:09 AM PST
That beach photo was wild ther way it downloaded onto my dialup-laden connection. It came in really slow starting with the sunset and panning out to the ocean and surf.

All of a sudden, just when I was wondering why you had inlcuded a beach shot among all of the porn, up popped this naked woman! It was as if she were swimming in the sea and came up for air.

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