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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Nervousness swirled within me as my fingertips slightly grazed the carpet.

I reflected, cataloguing all that I had done before I could kneel and rest, awaiting him.

Done was the cleaning.  Dinner, still hot, sat on the stove, two plates and two forks at its side.  Dessert chilled inside the refrigerator.  The bed was hastily stripped of covers.  I was scantily clad and sensuously anointed.  I worried at the edges of my silken robe, glanced down at the long line of cleavage.

I looked at the clock.  He said he would be here by now.  He should be here at any time.  He'll be here soon.

I stretched.  I shifted around on my heels.  I idly laced my fingers.  I unlocked the door, swung it open, and noted its path.

Then.  Footsteps.  A soft knock.  He opened the door.

With a sigh and a smile, I leaned forward, embracing his middle and nuzzling the front of his jeans.  "Welcome home, honey."

Posted at 09:01 pm by Deanna.

August 23, 2006   07:10 PM PDT
Write more. Now.
August 18, 2006   08:29 AM PDT
I do hope that you will return to posting again soon...
August 8, 2006   06:35 PM PDT
Thanks for the vibrant wishes, D. Gave me a smile.
July 25, 2006   04:24 AM PDT
Aww I appreciate it
July 19, 2006   06:03 PM PDT
Noooo, I didn't forget about you. I have some postcards already made out to you but my lazy ass hasn't gone to the post office. I still wuvs you.
July 19, 2006   07:31 AM PDT
Holy shit, love what you did with everything. Oh and it seems you have forgotten about me?
July 3, 2006   10:18 PM PDT
I stopped?
July 3, 2006   08:40 PM PDT
Hey! You stopped.
June 30, 2006   09:03 PM PDT
I'm glad my girls liked it. You're my sweeties.

I dunno. I love the anticipation. I live for the setup, the impact, the situation. He doesn't show much in the way of emotions, but I know how he reacted.

I'm so desperately romantic and loving sometimes it's sick.
June 30, 2006   12:39 PM PDT
June 30, 2006   10:04 AM PDT
It's perfect. I'm jealous.

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