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Sunday, January 15, 2006
I just want to sit on his face and savor his slippery heat that lingers inside me, upon me, forcing wave after golden wave of pleasure until I cannot breathe unless I gasp, until my eyes fall heavenward, until my nails find purchase on the walls and I forget my name before I forget everything else as the fire from his tongue ignites me from the inside and I am lost, happily engulfed, in the oblivion of ecstasy and I can no longer walk the earth because he keeps me writhing among the stars.

Posted at 09:24 pm by Deanna.

January 17, 2006   06:31 PM PST
Hahaha, I can't believe you said that!

"A lot of training and hard work." I probably wouldn't categorize sitting on your ass getting blowjob after blowjob from me as "hard work," babe. Between the road head, the 69, the deep throat, the random oral, the wake up his softy oral, you are a lazy person. Lazy lazy lazy.

You didn't make me, you were just the catalyst. Just be glad for work and school, I'd have fucked you ragged.

You ass. You're not the master creator and I'm not a slave to your cock.
January 17, 2006   01:55 PM PST
Well Andrew, that's a tough question. you see, this particular model simply can't be picked up off the shelf. I put a lot of training and hard work into making her what she is today. And sometimes I'm proud of myself, other times I feel I've created a monster.
January 17, 2006   12:46 PM PST
Where does a guy meet someone like you? ;) Good luck on gettin' what you want!
January 15, 2006   09:53 PM PST
I am so inexplicably aroused that it's deliciously painful. It hasn't been this bad since high school, where once I was a quivering ball of pure lust.

Jesus fucking god just fucking fuck me, I can't take this anymore.

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