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White-Out Cure-All
Thursday, January 12, 2006

I have accidentally stumbled upon the solution of curing a boyfriend from wanting to ply your face with sticky facials.

Instructions are as follows:

1.  Get down on your knees.

2.  Place your hands on his thighs.

3.  Look up at him wantonly.

4.  Say, "please . . . make spermy on my face."

Posted at 10:19 pm by Deanna.

March 21, 2006   11:17 PM PST
I'd be laughing too hard to actually do it.
January 16, 2006   10:39 AM PST
What the fuck . . .?

What the hell is lolis?
January 16, 2006   09:28 AM PST
Lolis ... it's all sounding loli to me.
January 14, 2006   11:36 PM PST
i think it would depend on the way you said it lol, i think it may be kind of funny and hot all at once lol, but only if you "creamy all over my face" afterward haha
January 14, 2006   01:44 AM PST
You know I'd love you more if you'd just let me come on your face.
January 14, 2006   01:42 AM PST
Hey do you remember the time at Denny's and that conversation we had?

I still won't let you come on my face. And if you try, I do promise to use your creation against you.
Leigh Brusk
January 14, 2006   01:36 AM PST
Holy Shit, that's hilarious!

That was a seriously good laugh... if I ever end up with a guy who likes that...
January 14, 2006   12:18 AM PST
I thought it would be hilarious, but most guys would be disgusted. I'm sure when the ladies sound off on this post we'll see if they find it humorous. And when the men find enough balls to comment here, we'll find out if that's an acceptable love plea.

Thus far, my ex-boyfriend was the first. He loves his facials. He was either blasting his load inside me, on my ass, or in my face. The way he'd come at me with those shaking legs reminded me of the lengths he would go just to plaster his face with his (sweet) come. He's big on facials but apparently this grossed him out.

And D, D is a pretty "liberal" type too. Sometimes I think of what would deter normal men from arousal, gets him off, and THIS grosses him out.

Anyway, we'll see.
Monkey Man
January 13, 2006   11:30 PM PST
"please . . . make spermy on my face." That just sounds like it would be funny.
January 13, 2006   11:17 PM PST
Do clowns turn you on? Are you mixing humor with arousal?
Monkey Man
January 13, 2006   07:50 PM PST
Alright so maybe not hot, but mostly because I'd probably bust up laughing.
January 13, 2006   05:41 PM PST
Yeah, Monkey Man seems like he may have intimacy issues.

You just don't degrade a woman when she asks to be degraded with that tone of voice.
January 13, 2006   04:45 PM PST
It was far from hot, it was morbidly disgusting. thank you for agreeing "D". And Monkey're sicker than I thought. hehe.
Monkey Man
January 13, 2006   03:58 PM PST
I dunno, that actually sounds kind of hot.
January 13, 2006   01:39 PM PST

See, tried and tested on a second male subject.

Anybody else want to make spermy on my face?
January 13, 2006   01:41 AM PST
*nearly throws up* Oh for fucks sake, NOOOOOOOOO! Goddammit all!

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