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Thursday, September 08, 2005

My throat got fucked violently today.

I laid down on my back, legs propped on the wall as he hammered his dick into my mouth.  After five deep strokes, I would push him away and take the deepest inhalation of air I could.  Then back I went as I scrabbled to get his head into my mouth.

My chin, lips, and cheeks were slick and wet from saliva.  I managed to not make any of those annoying sounds that most girls make when gagging.  You know:  "Hurrrhhh hurrrrhhhh."  Distasteful.

At one point I lurched away to discreetly spit some of my lunch into the trash in the corner of my living room.  He never realized what I was doing, I was so good.  

He grabbed me by my hair and pushed me down and orgasmed thick liquidy spurts of come all over my face.  It covered the left side of my face and throat. 


Posted at 10:49 pm by Deanna.

September 10, 2005   08:31 AM PDT
Ok then . . . but what about the gulping sound they make when they open their mouths when the guy is pounding?

I mean, I know it's hard to take a cock that big down your throat, but the sound is really better turned down at these times.

Maybe it's just not attractive to me when they do that. It makes me think that it's painful and disgusts them when I love doing the act.

I only make pains to breathe.
J f Z
September 10, 2005   04:41 AM PDT
"Hurrrrhhh" sounds aren't always distasteful, especially in this case.
September 9, 2005   11:20 PM PDT
Yes! He's back by unpopular demand.
September 9, 2005   03:24 PM PDT
This wasn't with the EX was it?
September 9, 2005   03:00 PM PDT
I'm definitely proud. Like a real GagFactor porn star!
September 8, 2005   11:00 PM PDT
Beautiful. Jealous.

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