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Faith in Friends
Thursday, September 08, 2005
On Wednesdays, my two best friends and I hang out after work.  Some of the time I cook and we rent movies, some of the time we go out to eat.

We are sitting there, masticating, digesting, cogitating.

My white friend laments her months of loneliness.  "I haven't gotten laid in eight months," she bemoans.

I point to my other full filipina friend.  "She's going on three years."

I point to myself.  "About one month."

After a round of oh poor you, something enters my head.

"Hey.  You think I could go a year without having sex?"

One just stares at me and the other is literally busting a gut.

"Come on.  I think I could do it.  Wanna make a bet?"

I get a starting wager of fifty cents.  Bumped up to fifty dollars and when I start complaining, a whopping one thousand dollars.

"Jeez.  You guys have no faith in me."

"No," my white girl starts severely, "we have faith in your ability to get laid."

My eyes stray heavenward.  Eventually we start to talk about other things, but I can't let it go.

"I just can't believe you guys don't have faith in me."

"God, you're still on that?" she queries.

I blurt, "Of course I'm still on it!  I can't get off!"

Posted at 09:05 pm by Deanna.

October 9, 2005   11:43 AM PDT
Dont feel bad. I am deployed to Kosovo for a year and could live up to the bet of no sex... or alcohol for that matter, for a whole year. Cheer up, things could be worse. Pray for me, three more months and then Home.
September 12, 2005   01:29 PM PDT
I know you're disappointed.

I'm a little disappointed in myself.

We'll talk about this later, but please know that I'm doing this for me.

I could be making a big mistake, but this is the mistake I'd be making that will give me closure.

If it doesn't work this time, it never will. I don't want to have to ever think what if.

This is our what if.
White Girl
September 12, 2005   11:49 AM PDT
You so owe me and Ro $1000. I told you I had faith in your ability to get laid, although I was hoping not your Ex.
September 9, 2005   02:59 PM PDT
And then, of course, I go and get laid the next day.

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