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The Sex Martyr
Sunday, October 31, 2004
The topic of sex should not be kept behind closed doors.

I firmly believe this.

Show me one person that has not been affected by sex.

(Which is actually a clever trick question, because everybody was created by a sexual act, in vitro fertilization aside.)

So when my mother tells me she told her father, my grandfather, about my blog, I'm obliged to accept this knowledge without complaint. Cause . . . you know . . . what do you tell your family who knows you're anally active?

"Deanna, there is nothing you could do that could surprise me," he tells me.

"That I haven't done before," he continues.

Deanna the Sex Martyr.

Posted at 02:54 pm by Deanna.

November 6, 2004   11:38 PM PST
I like that....we all did start out as at least one person's orgasm. Preferably two, simultaneous ones in my book.

November 2, 2004   09:51 AM PST
True, and yet I still don't want to picture my grandparents having sex. Not because they're my grandparents but because they're very, very old and not at all well preserved.
November 2, 2004   02:19 AM PST
be it conventional or ivf... would it be more apt to say that we all started out as someone's orgasm?

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